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School objectives

1. To help each child achieve academic excellence. The main focus is on Math, English and Reading comprehension. All of our grade levels (1-12) have accomplished high scores on SAT exams.

2. To teach each child that beIng an asset to their community is a vital part of becoming successful adults. We have done many community clean-up events with the City of Tampa and assisted elderly or disabled individuals with home beautifying projects.

3. To provide life skills training to each child. Such as cooking, budgeting, home organization and management for the girls and construction, electrical and mechanics for the boys. We believe that equipping our children today will help them become accomplished adults tomorrow


Focus is placed on each child learning the alphabet and letter phonic sounds. This is necessary for each child to begin to read. We have had a high 


success rate of children learning to read as early as 3 yrs. old. 

Math skills such as adding, subtracting, and multiplying are introduced. 

Basic skills and concepts such as identifying colors, shapes, recognizing opposites, reading and writing common words. and following simple directions are emphasized.

Our main goal is to prepare every child to enter into the 1st grade with the knowledge to progress and exceed state standards


The academy accepts students: 

From any race, color, nationality, and ethnic origin. The Academy does not discriminate based on race, color, nationality, ethnic origin in its administration of educational policies, admission policies, scholarship programs, and Other school administered programs. ALL students are entitled to participate in programs and activities generally afforded or made available to the students at the academy. 

Whose parent(s) embrace and support a Christ-centered education and lifestyle, and
agree with the school’s philosophy and objectives. 


Step I - Complete the enrollment application and carefully read the information provided in the handbook. Submit the application to the school with registration fee. REGISTRATION FEE IS NONREFUNDABLE. 

Step 2 - Schedule an appointment for a family interview

An initial interview with the parents and children is required 

We accept School Readiness, 
Step Up for Students, McKay Scholarships and VPK


Uniforms are mandatory: White or blue shirts! blouse, with blue slacks for boys and blue skirts or dresses for girls. Neck ties are required for students grades 8 - l2 on Monday. Tuesday-Friday Polo shirts may be worn. Verify certain “styles” with administration before making final purchases. 

Ask for school handbook for more information